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"It's a pity you're too small to pull the express!"
— James
Christmas Dinner Diner

Play and Learn 207


December 12th, 2010



Christmas Dinner Diner is a magazine story.


James is pulling the express whilst Gordon is at the works and he won't stop boasting about it. Meanwhile, Thomas is grumbling as he has been fitted with his uncomfortable snowplough. Soon, he was picking up children from all the stations on his branchline to take them to school. They were all excited because the following day was the school's Christmas dinner! The teacher whispers to Thomas that the school cafeteria's cooker has broken, so there may not be a Christmas dinner after all. Later, Thomas sees James and the express again. He tells Thomas that he is so busy, he has had to uncouple the dining coach and pull an extra passenger coach instead. The following morning, Thomas was coupled up to the dining coach and the children had their Christmas dinner in the carriage instead. Thomas couldn't wait to tell James.



  • In the first illustration, James' tender looks misshapen and his number five is missing.
  • In the fifth illustration, one of James' boiler bands and his coupling are missing.


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