Christopher Lloyd was the sound designer and model maker of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends at Shepperton Studios from the fifth to twelfth seasons. Besides Thomas and Friends, he worked as a model maker for TUGS at Clearwater Features as well.


He worked on the models of Cranky, Butch, the Horrid Lorries, the fire engines and Caroline. During the production of the sixth season and Jack and the Sodor Construction Company, Chris ran the model workshop and built the large scale models of Thomas and Percy as well as Alfie, Byron and Oliver the Excavator.

In July 2005, Chris was interviewed by Model Rail Magazines about his early contributions to Thomas and Friends from the first season in 1984.

In an SiF interview, Chris said that he is currently working on a lot of TV props ranging from programes like "Harry Hill", "The Royal Bodyguard", and adverts for "Virgin".


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