Children's Christmas Favourites is a promotional UK DVD released by The Daily Record newspaper in 2009, featuring two episodes from the first season, one episode from the second season, and one episode from the third season.


  1. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree - The Fat Controller sends Thomas to fetch the Christmas Tree for the Christmas party, but on the way back he gets stuck under a big snowdrift. No-one knows what has happened to Thomas, so Donald and Douglas go out to look for him. Will Thomas get home in time?
  2. Thomas, Terence and the Snow - In Autumn, Thomas stops by a signal. There he meets Terence the Tractor, and teases him about his caterpillar tracks. When winter comes, so does the snow. Thomas refuses to wear his snowplough, and when he does he breaks it. Due to this he ends up getting stuck in the snow...
  3. Thomas' Christmas Party - It's Christmas time on the Island of Sodor, and after Edward reminds the engines of last Christmas when an ill Mrs. Kyndley waved her dressing gown out of her window to save Thomas from a landslide, Thomas decides to thank Mrs. Kyndley properly by having a Christmas party for her. The Fat Controller agrees. However, on the day of the party. Mrs Kyndley is trapped in her house by snowdrifts, so Thomas, Toby and Terence go to her rescue.
  4. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure - It's Christmas time on the Island of Sodor and Thomas is looking forward to delivering letters and parcels to his friends in the towns and villages. But it's been snowing again and one of the villages has been snowed up. It's up to Thomas, Percy, Harold and Terence to help save the day!


  • This is the first UK DVD to feature restored episodes.