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“I may be slow. You may be fast. But I am first. And you are last!”
―Thomas, to Gordon

Catch Me, Catch Me! is a book.


Gordon teases Thomas about being small, and challenges him to a race. Thomas agrees and they start the race. Gordon takes the lead, leaving Thomas behind. Thomas then sees a small tunnel that Gordon did not. Thomas' driver switches the points and they go into the tunnel. Thomas emerges from the tunnel ahead of Gordon, and wins.



  • This book once came free with the Wooden Railway Stories on Sodor set, along with the DVD Quarry Adventures On Sodor.
  • For the first time Thomas is seen sweating.
  • This book contains Mini Learning Cards on the last two pages of the book that gives vocabulary practice over the words said throughout the story.
  • Sir Topham Hatt's hat is seen floating away on the instructions page of the learning cards.
  • The cover is very similar to the last illustration in the book. It is possible that it depicts Thomas and Gordon having a rematch since Sir Topham Hatt is seen putting his hat back onto his head after it flew off due to the wind Thomas made rushing past him.


  • In one illustration Clarabel's label on the right side of the coach is misspelled Clabl.

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