“We'll have to change his name to Creamy!”
―the dairy worker

Cat Got the Cream! is a magazine story puzzle.


Thomas has stopped at the dairy when he spots Sooty the station cat, up in the rafters looking down at a vat of cream. He is too scared to come down. Thomas' driver says he is going to call the fire brigade and soon a fire engine arrives. A fireman leans a tall ladder against the rafters, but this scares Sooty who jumps and falls in the vat of cream. A dairy worker quickly fishes him out and jokes that, from now on, they will have to call him "Creamy".

The fireman hands Sooty to the driver. The cat is loving licking himself clean. The driver asks the cat that if he promises to bring him some cream each week, will he stay out of trouble. The cat purrs happily and Thomas thinks that means "yes".



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