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Carrying Coal! is a magazine story.


Thomas is running late and running low on coal. Then, he sees the coalman crossing the level crossing who kindly gives Thomas some bags of coal. A few days later, Thomas is pulling a "Showtime Special" train which is taking passengers to see a musical at the theatre. Whilst waiting at the signal, he sees the coalman who is signalling for help. His lorry has broken down so Thomas gives him a lift to the next station where he can call a mechanic. The only problem is, that the coal on his lorry is needed at the theatre. But Thomas has an idea, he collected the coal in the guard's van and then his crew takes it from the van to the theatre on a luggage trolley. Thomas had saved the show!



  • When Thomas is waiting at the crossing, the crossing gates are painted black and grey, whilst the red circle in the middle is left uncoloured!
  • In one illustration, Thomas' driver's shirt is coloured blue, like his jacket.

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