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“Now I'm as pretty as a Christmas tree!”

Caroline's Christmas is a magazine story.


One frosty Christmas Eve, Caroline is motoring along towards the main station. She is driving more carefully than usual as the road was very icy. As she pulls into the car park, she sees a big Christmas tree covered in lights. Just then, Thomas puffs in with the post train and Tom Tipper arrives in his post van. The van is travelling too fast and its wheels skid on the icy road. The van bumps against the kerb, causing the exhaust pipe to fall off. Tom Tipper is worried; how could he deliver his important Christmas post now? Luckily, Caroline offers to take him. Tom is only too grateful for Caroline's help and the sacks of mail are loaded into the vintage car. Caroline sets off with Tom on her very first Christmas post round.

Meanwhile, at the station, the staff are putting up decorations for their Christmas party. Thomas tells the stationmaster that Caroline deserves a treat for being so helpful. The stationmaster offers Thomas a box of spare decorative lights and the tank engine knows just what to do with them.

By the time Caroline comes back, the staff's party is in full swing. Thomas tells the car that he has something very special for her to wear. Caroline is delighted when the stationmaster decorates her with the spare set of lights. Caroline thinks she is as pretty as the Christmas tree.



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