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This article is about the Leapster game. You may be looking for the special, the book, the coloring book, the other coloring book or the segments.

Calling All Engines! is a Leapster game based on the special of the same name.


During the construction process of the new airport, a hurricane strikes the Island of Sodor. It is up to the player to help the characters finish building the airport and also learn about reading and mathematical skills.


The game features four areas. Story, mini games, track builder and meet the engines. The story is the same as the Calling All Engines! plot and is interactive. You can also play mini games where you have to spot the item described which will earn you Blue tickets. You can also touch Blue tickets in the background to gain them. There are two modes in the story, read and play. The difference is that you can only read the story in read and play has mini games.

Mini games has four games with different learning schemes: Pocket Watch, Cranky's Trucks, Harold's Barrels and Thomas' Journey. In Pocket Watch, you set the Fat Controller's pocket watch to the same time as Knapford Station clock. In Cranky's Trucks, you help Cranky at the docks by completing patterns that are in trucks in one minute. In Harold's Barrels, Harold has to retrieve barrels that are in the sea at the harbour by making words before his fuel tank runs out and he has to go back to land. There are also fuel barrels to fill his tank. In Thomas' Journey, you can travel to a place on Sodor by choosing the answer to an addition problem. All of these mini games earn Red tickets.

Meet the Engines is where you can meet all the characters (excluding Toby, Diesel 10, Gordon and Emily) from Calling All Engines! and read their descriptions. Each character blows their whistle when touching them.

Track Builder is where you can build and drive around Sodor. You start off with only Thomas to play on a small circle track. You buy more engines, items and track by using red tickets and blue tickets. Every building is interactive and you can hold cargo and fill up at coal loaders and water towers. The engines are Thomas, Percy, James, Henry and Mavis. This is also the only use of Red tickets and Blue tickets in the game.




  • All the steam engines have different whistles (for example, Thomas uses James' whistle and Lady uses Toby's bell).
  • Rusty is portrayed as a standard gauge engine.


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