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This article is about the segments. You may be looking for the special, the Leapster game, or the book.

Calling All Engines! is a series of informative and interactive segments released alongside the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth seasons of Thomas and Friends. They are hosted by Sir Topham Hatt and Sir Robert Norramby.

Some of the segments were originally released on the official Fisher-Price website.


Really Useful Engines

The Earl's Quiz


Who's That Engine?

The Fat Controller's Tales


  • Specially made footage was used for the "Who's That Engine?" segments.
  • In the Dutch dub of the series, the segments are called "Alle Locomotieven Verzamelen!", which translates out to "All Locomotives Gather!".
  • In the "Who's That Engine?" segment featuring Thomas, one of the clues Sir Topham Hatt uses to describe him are "six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, and a short stumpy dome," which is a direct reference to the first season episode, Thomas and Gordon.
  • Thomas and Gordon's Really Useful Engine segments got updated on the Fisher-Price website.
  • During Rosie's segment two clips are edited footage; showing her rounding bends with coal trucks. Also the clip with her being painted was only shown for the Fisher-Price version.


  • In the Emily Saves the World segment, the Earl says that the globe landed on Hiro, but it actually landed on one of his trucks.
  • In a closeup shot, smoke is not coming out of Thomas' funnel on his "Who's That Engine" segment.
  • In Gordon's "Who's that engine" segment, his buffer beam is referred as "buffer". This is because the clips are taken from the episode Bust My Buffers!, where the same error happens.
  • Toby's segment states that he does not have a whistle, however Toby does and has used his whistle before, excluding Toby's New Whistle.
  • In the "Who's That Engine?" segment featuring Gordon, in one shot he is pulling express coaches, the next he's pulling red branch line coaches.
  • In the UK version of the Old Reliable Edward segment, the Earl uses the term "pants" when he should have said "trousers".
  • In the "Who's That Engine?" segment featuring Emily, she is seen pulling nothing, yet when she is fully revealed, she is pulling red branchline coaches.
  • In The Smelly Kipper segment, Kerry Shale voices the Fat Controller on the UK release.


Really Useful Engines

Meet Thomas

Meet Thomas (Fisher Price)

Meet Edward

Meet Henry

Meet Gordon

Meet James

Meet Percy

Meet Toby

Meet Duck

Meet Bill and Ben

Meet Harvey

Meet Emily

Meet Spencer

Meet Hiro

Meet Scruff

Meet Stephen

Meet Porter

Meet Connor

Meet Caitlin

Meet Marion

Meet Samson

Meet Diesel

Meet Salty

Meet Paxton

Meet Stafford

Meet Flynn

Meet Victor

Meet Luke

The Earl's Quiz

Toby's New Whistle

Tickled Pink

Up, Up and Away!

Not Now, Charlie!

Percy's Parcel

Pop Goes Thomas

No Snow for Thomas

Merry Winter Wish

Pingy Pongy Pick Up

Double Trouble

Emily Saves the World

Express Coming Through

Kevin's Cranky Friend

Thomas and the Runaway Kite

Percy's New Friends

Slippy Sodor

Thomas and the Emergency Cable

James to the Rescue 

Samson Sent for Scrap

Whistles Bells and Horns

Old Reliable Edward

Scruff's Makeover

Luke's New Friend

The Lost Puff


Percy's Lucky Day

Marion and the Dinosaurs


Duck in the Water