“We can all share my birthday cake after all!”
―the Crosby stationmaster

Cakes at Crosby is a short magazine story.


Whenever the engines arrive at Crosby Station, the drivers hurry across the road to Joanna's Bakery to buy a cake or scone. They all think Joanna is the best baker on the island.

The next day, it is Crosby's stationmaster's birthday. He decides to call at Joanna's Bakery to buy a birthday cake so that everyone can have a piece or perhaps a scone for everyone. Unfortunately, the bakery is closed and the stationmaster returns sadly to his station.

When the stationmaster arrives at the station, he is greeted by the engine crews who all sing "Happy birthday" to him. The stationmaster smiles and explains that he was going to buy some cakes or scones from Joanna's Bakery, but it was closed. Then, Joanna appears holding a big cake. She explains that all of the stationmaster's friends had ordered it especially for him. The stationmaster is delighted; now everyone can share his birthday cake, after all.



  • The photograph for Crosby station is actually Peel with a digitally-edited sign.

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