1998-2003 logo, used when the sixth season aired

Children's ITV is the children's strand of British terrestrial television network ITV, where Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends was originally broadcast in the UK. One of the ITV franchises, Central Independent Television, commissioned Clearwater Features to produce the first two seasons which premiered in 1984 and 1986 respectively.

The first two seasons continued to run in repeats until 1992 when the show was revived with the third season, which was broadcast for Thames Television. It was around this time that Children's ITV was first nicknamed CITV. After Thames went defunct, Thomas left terrestrial television for satellite channel Cartoon Network.

Thomas returned to terrestrial television in 2003 when ITV began broadcasting the sixth season. CiTV continued to broadcast Thomas with the seventh and eighth seasons until July 2006, when the terrestrial broadcasting rights were sold to Channel 5.


  • The two videos, Trust Thomas and Brave Little Engines, feature a notice on the front cover, "As Seen On (C)ITV." The Chocolate Crunch also had a sticker with this notice on the cover at one point.
  • When Season 8 was broadcast on CiTV, the episodes were shown with a different theme arrangement and excluded the Engine Rollcall sing-along at the end. The first half was broadcast on ITV1 in 2005, then the second half was broadcast on the newly launched CiTV channel in 2006.


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