This article is about 'the book'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the magazine story or the annual story'.

Buzzy Bees', originally titled Thomas and the Buzzy Bees, is a book in the Thomas Story Time series illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


It is a sunny day on Sodor and Thomas must deliver some wooden houses to Farmer Trotter. Hiro tells him that the wooden houses are beehives and inside, the bees are making honey. Thomas wants to puff faster than fast, but Hiro says he must puff slowly and take the track through the woods, so the bees can rest. Hiro puffs away with flowers for Farmer McColl and Thomas puffs away with the bees.

Thomas decides to puff past the sunny field, because he is sure that the bees will like that better and they do. They fly out of their hives and onto the flowers. Thomas borrows Hiro's flowers for Farmer McColl to get the bees back into their hives. But instead of flying into the hives, they fly into Thomas' funnel, buzz around his buffers, and whizz through his wheels.

Thomas tries to puff as fast as he can, but the bees will not buzz off. At last, Thomas has had enough. He leaves the flowers in a siding and the bees are left with them. At the next junction, Thomas meets Hiro. Hiro tells him about the missing flowers and that Farmer Trotter is worried about his bees. Thomas is sorry and wants to put things right.

Thomas collects the bees and takes the track through the woods. The bees get tired and buzz into their hives. At last, Thomas arrives at Farmer Trotter's farm. Farmer Trotter is delighted to have his bees. Thomas puffs to Farmer McColl's farm with the flowers, where Hiro is waiting. Thomas admits that he borrowed them and that now Farmer Trotter will get the best honey on Sodor.




  • It is said that Thomas' driver uncoupled Thomas from the flowers, but it is actually a workman.
  • When Thomas collects the bees after leaving them behind, he is seen right next to Farmer Trotter's farm. But according to the text, he does not arrive there until the next page.