“Grandma made this costume for me!"
"She's been a busy bee, too!”
―Bridget and the Fat Controller

Busy Bee is a short magazine story.


Lady Hatt helps Stephen to make a pirate costume for a fancy-dress party. Then it is Bridget's turn to have a costume made, but she can not think of anything. Next moment, a big bee flies in through an open window. It buzzes around for several minutes before Lady Hatt opens another window and it flies away. The bee gives Bridget an idea.

On the day of the party, Lady Hatt arrives at the main station with her grandchildren. Stephen is in his pirate costume and Bridget was dressed in a fluffy costume with black and yellow stripes. The Fat Controller guessed what she was dressed as straight away.



  • The photographs used in the story to represent Stephen and Bridget do not look like them.

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