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Buster Nordic is a book distributor in Denmark. They make books for Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Bestselgerforlaget distribute their Thomas and Friends books in Norway.

The company was founded in 1995 by Knud and Rita Pilegaard. The name of the company was created with their son, Buster, in mind, who was one year old when the Buster Nordic was founded. The last part of the name, Nordic, became part of the name because they publish books in all of Scandinavia.

Their first title was "Livsgnister", and the company rapidly took off from there. Thomas and Friends books had a major role in shaping the company as it became Buster Nordic's flag ship property alongside Pingu, Postman Pat, Monster High and more.


They will also release 20 Thomas Story Time books in Norway. It is revealed that Creaky Cranky is one of them.


  • They revealed on their website in 2014 that Railway Race Day would be released. However, it was removed and nothing more was said about it. It is likely that Find That Freight! replaced it.

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