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"If you were going any slower, you'd be going backwards!"
— Max to Buster, The Tortoise and the Hare


  • Class: Aveling & Porter R10
  • Designer: Aveling & Porter
  • Builder: Invicta Works
  • Built: sometime between 1903 and 1932

Buster is a simple steamroller who goes about his job with pride and content, he works for the Sodor Construction Company


Buster likes to think of himself as the "world's fastest steamroller" and often dreams of winning races. This came true when he won a race against Max and Monty on the newly completed Sodor Rally Track. He later helped out when Miss Jenny found mole hills on the football field. Buster was also seen at the new school construction site.


Buster is a hard worker with heart and commitment in what he does and he is a good dreamer. He goes about his job with glee and pride knowing all is right with the world. What Buster lacks in imagination, he makes up for with heart, commitment, and hard work. He is liked by all the machines for his wonderful enthusiasm and kindness to help with everything.


Buster is based on an Aveling and Porter R10 class steamroller named "Thistledown" formerly owned by the Reverend Teddy Boston. George shares this basis.


Buster is painted brownish-red with yellow, orange and red lining. The words "SODOR CONSTRUCTION Co." are painted on the sides of his roof in yellow.


Television series


He had a role in the cancelled episode, The Importance of Being Patrick.

Buster also appeared in a ninth season music video.


  • Buster is the only member of the Pack with no visible number. According to Phil Fehrle in an interview with SiF, Buster may have been intended to have a number, though he states that there might not have been a convenient place for a number on his bodywork.
  • His name was originally meant to be for Oliver.
  • He is the second known steamroller on Sodor, the other being George.



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