“Knowing all about traffic lights and that red means STOP is Really Useful!”

Bus, Stop! is a magazine story.


One wintery day, Thomas is waiting at a signal when Bertie races up. He has to wait at a traffic light too. Thomas bets that he will get to go first, which he does. Later, as Thomas pulls into a siding to collect some trucks, fog begins to descend over the Island. Then a lorry races by and spills a lot of sand, blocking the road. Thomas is worried, Bertie is due any minute and the fog means that he would not see the sand. Thomas, remembering the traffic lights, has an idea and his driver goes to the brake van to fetch some lamps. The lamps shine a bright red through the fog and Bertie pulls safely to a stop.



  • Readers could colour in the final illustration.


  • The rails do not have spikes.


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