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Bumper Party Collection! is a UK VHS/DVD Celebrating 60 years of Thomas The Tank Engine, featuring eight sixth season episodes, and four seventh season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


It's Party Time with Thomas & Friends. Join them in 12 great adventures on the Island of Sodor!

You can also pull out and keep your activity party poster. This is packed with great ideas and things to make and do to enjoy a great party.


  1. Harvey to the Rescue
  2. A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
  3. Twin Trouble
  4. Percy's Chocolate Crunch
  5. Thomas the Jet Engine
  6. The World's Strongest Engine
  7. Thomas, Percy and the Squeak
  8. Edward the Very Useful Engine
  9. Three Cheers for Thomas
  10. Gordon and Spencer
  11. What's the Matter with Henry?
  12. Rheneas and the Roller Coaster

Bonus Features


  • The free Really Useful Party Poster features instructions on how to make: Thomas Face Balloon, Percy and James' Shunting Game, Broken Down Engines, Thomas Party Place Card, Thomas Ticket Name Badge, and two recipes; The Fat Controller's Top Hats and The Refreshment Lady's Buffer Beams.
  • The DVD features an advertisement for other UK Thomas and Friends videos and DVDs with the New Series Theme.
  • Instrumental Music from the beginning of Spic and Span and Thomas Saves the Day is heard on the episode selection.
  • This was VCI's last release before changing their name to 2Entertain. But Calling All Engines! had a VCI version of the DVD.
  • The music in the Season 7 episodes are redubbed with music from the New Series.
  • This is the only time that the title cards were presented at the beginning of the Classic Series Episodes in the UK.
  • This is the only time that the New Series title sequence is used to present Classic Series episodes in the UK.
  • At the end of Thomas, Percy & the Squeak, the squeaking noise is different.
  • In "What's the Matter with Henry?" Thomas has an extra puffing sound going past the lighthouse at the beginning. Gordon also has an extra puffing sound when going down his hill at the beginning of "Gordon and Spencer".


DVD Packs


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