“That's nae ghost. It's only Edward!”
―Lord Callan

Bump and Jump is a magazine story.


Some schoolchildren are visiting Callan Castle. One boy asks if the castle is haunted and Lord Callan assures him it is not, but his ancestors hid treasure there a long, long time ago, but he cannot find it.

The children are shown an old, dusty suit of metal armour and the little boy is looking closely at it. Suddenly, there is a loud clanking noise that makes him jump. The boy is sure it is a ghost, but Lord Callan looks out of the window and can see it is just Edward arriving to collect the children. The boy is so startled that he stumbles into the armour. It topples to the floor, the helmet falls off and lots of gold coins spill out. Lord Callan is amazed; the little boy has found his ancestors' treasure. The little boy says it is all thanks to Edward.


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