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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book.
"Silly hens, silly passengers. You can have them both."
— Bulgy
Bulgy Rides Again

David Mitton


Phil Fehrle


Brian Trueman


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

October 30th,
2003 (UK)
March 4th,
2004 (US)
July 17th,
2004 (JPN)
November 5th,
2004 (AUS)

Previous episode

Fergus Breaks
the Rules
Thomas and the
Search for Fergus

Next episode

Harold and the
Flying Horse

Bulgy Rides Again is the nineteenth episode of the seventh season.


Thomas and Emily are being repaired and there is no one to run the branch line during the summer holidays, so, as a last resort, the Fat Controller gives Bulgy a second chance and has him restored. However, his previous residents, the chickens, miss their henhouse. They roost in his luggage racks overnight and, when Bulgy has to swerve suddenly the next day, the chickens panic, frightening the passengers and covering them with feathers and eggs.

Bulgy and the passengers are angry over this incident and Bulgy is sent to be cleaned. Emily tells him a farmer needs something to sell his vegetables in and this gives Bulgy an idea. As a result, Bulgy is painted green and turned into a mobile vegetable stand.

Bulgy could not be happier, as now he does not have to put up with chickens or passengers.





  • Oliver has Percy's whistle sound.
  • Because stock footage is used, Peter Sam has his old funnel.
  • Thomas is seen taking some trucks down the line at one point, but he was supposed to be at the foundry being repaired.
  • Bulgy overtakes Trevor then swerves to avoid the mail van. In the next shot, Trevor and the mail van are nowhere to be seen and Bulgy appears to have backed up quite a bit.
  • When Bulgy says "A vegetable bus? That's not such a bad idea", a crew member's movements are reflected in his front driver-side window, and Bulgy's face is slightly crooked.
  • When Trevor overtakes Bulgy after the hens wake up, Trevor's noise suddenly disappears when the passengers get a close-up; then, in the very next shot when Bulgy claims "It's not my fault...", Trevor is audible again.
  • The storyteller's hat is severely damaged in one scene.
  • The mail van does not appear to have a driver.
  • When the passengers evacuate Bulgy, they are dirty, but when Bulgy says, "it's not my fault", they are spotless.
  • The small scale model of Bulgy's driver has a moustache, but his large scale model is clean shaven.
  • When the Fat Controller comes to talk to Bulgy about his restoration, Bulgy is not in as much disrepair as he was at the end of Bulgy.
  • The first scenes of the foundry take place at Knapford Sheds, but when Bulgy returns after his mishap with the hens, the foundry has been relocated at Wellsworth, and Thomas and Emily have been parked differently.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルジーとニワトリ Bulgy and the Chickens
Swedish Butter tar revansch Bulgy Takes Revenge
Hungarian Bulgy Újra az Úton Bulgy Back on the Road
Italian Bulgy torna in strada Bulgy Back on the Road
Welsh Bwlgi a'r Ieir Bulgy and the Chickens
Russian Балджи возвращается на дорогу Bulgy Returns to the Road

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