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This article is about the 2006/2012 magazine story. You may be looking for the 2004 or 2013 magazine story.
— Bertie, pulling Bulgy down the country lane

Bulgy's Back is a magazine story.


Every morning at eight o'clock, Bertie collects some children from the Main Station and takes them to school. One morning when he arrived, the children were misbehaving. They told Bertie that they had been waiting for ages and were becoming bored. On the journey, their noisy chatter gave the bus a headache. Later, Bertie turns down a quiet and narrow country lane for a moment's peace and quiet. Then, in a barn, he spots Bulgy. The double-decker bus had been made into a Playbus but was forgotten about and left in the barn. This gave Bertie an idea.

Bulgy hadn't been used for quite some time and his engine wouldn't start, so Bertie's driver tied Bulgy behind them and they towed the large bus to the Main Station. Once there, Bertie told his idea to the Fat Controller. Later that day, Bulgy had been thoroughly cleaned and mended and the Fat Controller sent him to a quiet corner of the Main Station Yard.

The following morning, when the children arrived to wait for Bertie, Bulgy called over to them. The children were pleased to have some fun before going to school and Bulgy was happy too. He was not lonely any more.




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