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"Poor old puffer! We'll fetch it for you and prove lorries are best for carrying loads!"
— Lorry 1 and Lorry 2

Build or Bust! is a magazine story.


The roof of Wellsworth's town hall is in need of repair. Percy is sent collect the slates and timber, but a signal failure makes him late. Then, Lorry 1 and 2 roar past. Percy explains the situation and the horrid lorries race off to collect the supplies for Percy; just to prove that roads are better than rails. The horrid lorries are racing too fast and when they arrive back at Wellsworth, Lorry 1 smashes into a wall. Lorry 2 can't stop either and bashes straight into the back of Lorry 1 - sending timber and broken slates everywhere! The builders are not happy; they have to repair the town hall's roof and rebuild the wall!



  • The lorries are coloured an orangish red instead of dark red.
  • Percy, Lorry 1 and Lorry 2's drivers are missing.

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