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Brio is a wooden toy company that once made Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends toys compatible with Learning Curve's Wooden Railway range in the 1990s. The range was discontinued in 2000.


Rolling Stock

Non-Rail Vehicles

Human Characters



  • Thomas Set #1 (with Thomas and The Fat Controller)
  • Thomas Set #2 (with Thomas, Troublesome Truck and The Fat Controller)
  • Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel Set



  • There were two versions of Duck available; one with green wheels and one with black wheels.
  • Sir Handel's model was given an 0-4-0 wheel arrangement rather than his 0-4-2 wheel arrangement like his real-life prototype.
  • BRIO is the only merchandise line not to give Lady her headlamps.
  • Some BRIO Thomas items were more accurate compared to their Learning Curve counterparts.
  • The BRIO battery powered Thomas model has a front magnet, unlike his Learning Curve counterpart.
  • Gordon was incorrectly depicted as a 4-6-0 instead of a 4-6-2.
  • Diesel 10 has a magnet on a string instead of Pinchy. The arm is similar to that of a crane's arm, as it can move up, down, sideways, and extend.
  • Splatter and Dodge have light grey wheels instead of black wheels.
  • The windmill looks a lot like Toby's windmill, despite the fact it was released years before the episode premiered.
  • Toby's face on his BRIO model appears to have been modelled after Mavis', despite the fact that Mavis never had her own BRIO model.
  • The BRIO models of Henry, Gordon, and Duke have a hook that connects them to their tenders, but James and Edward use a magnet.
  • The tender engines (excluding Duke) were the only models to not gain a front coupling.
  • Rusty was seen in Parks and Recreation episode, "Donna & Joe".