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Brio is a wooden train brand that once made Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends toys compatible with Wooden Railway in the 1990s. The range was discontinued in 2000.


Rolling Stock

Non-Rail Vehicles

Human characters



  • Thomas Set #1 (with Thomas and The Fat Controller)
  • Thomas Set #2 (with Thomas, Troublesome Truck and The Fat Controller)
  • Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel Set
  • Island of Sodor Playmat


  • There were two versions of Duck available; one with green wheels and one with black wheels.
  • Sir Handel's model is given an 0-4-0 wheel arrangement.
  • BRIO, is the only merchandise line not to give Lady her headlamps.
  • Some BRIO Thomas items are more accurate compared to their Learning Curve counterparts.
  • The BRIO battery-powered Thomas' model has a front magnet, unlike his Learning Curve counterpart.
  • Gordon is depicted as an 4-6-0.
  • Diesel 10 has a magnet on a string instead of Pinchy. The arm is similar to that of a crane's arm, as it can move up, down, sideways, and extend.
  • Splatter and Dodge have light grey wheels.
  • The windmill looks a lot like Toby's windmill, despite the fact it was released years before the episode premiered.
  • Toby's face on his BRIO model appears to have been modelled after Mavis', despite the fact that Mavis never had her own BRIO model.
  • The BRIO models of Henry, Gordon, and Duke have a hook that connects them to their tenders, but James and Edward use a magnet.


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