The Bridlington Goods Yard is a large shunting yard located on the Mainland. It is managed by a fleet of diesel shunters, who are kept busy shunting trucks around the yard for the other engines.

James was once scheduled to deliver a goods train to the yard in Henry's place, but Thomas took it instead and got lost, eventually winding up at the Steelworks. Hurricane, an engine who made deliveries to the yard regularly, took his trucks for him. James later went to the yard to find Thomas, and asked one of the mainland diesels there if he has seen him, but he had not and responds by saying that lots of engines (even blue tank engines) pass through the yard.


Thomas & Friends



  • The Bridlington Goods Yard uses the same set as the Great Railway Show Yard, with the town, castle and trees surrounding the yard being removed.
  • The real-life Bridlington yard is significantly smaller than its television series counterpart. The goods yard was closed in the 1960s and its remaining area was now part of the Tesco shopping center.


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