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"Is it electric?!"
— Bridget Hatt to Toby, Toby and the Stout Gentleman, first season
Bridget Amanda Hatt

Bridget Amanda Hatt (born 1943) is Sir Topham and Lady Hatt's granddaughter. She is two years younger than her brother, Stephen. In the magazine stories, she and Stephen have a friend named Marcus.


The Hatts spent a long holiday on Toby's old line in East Anglia. Stephen was excited when he first met Toby, but Bridget accidentally offended him by assuming he was an electric tram. Some time later, after Toby came to the Fat Controller's railway, the family travelled with Toby to an old castle and mine on a map the children found.


Railway Series

Television series


Magazine stories

Bridget Hatt also appeared in the magazine stories, A Colourful Christmas, A Friend's Party, A Hole in One, Busy Bee, Daisy and the Fish, Doctors and Nurses, Dressing Up, Fair Scare!, Feeding Time, Gone Fishing, Harvest Time, Keeping Dry, Lights On, Misbehaving, Puzzles, Retirement Time, Snap Happy, Station Mystery, The Brown Bear, The Christmas Sacks, The Daisy Chain, The Flower Dome, The Hallowe'en Special, The Tiny Engine, and Working Whistles.

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  • In the magazine story, The Hallowe'en Special, it is said that Stephen and Bridget live on the Mainland and come to stay with Lady and Sir Topham Hatt once in a while.
  • In the television series, Bridget's hair colour is brown. In the magazine stories, it is blonde.
  • In Thomas Comes to Breakfast, Bridget appeared as the Stationmaster's daughter.



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