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This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the episode or the Buzz Book.
"There's no real harm in them, but they're maddening at times."
— Edward

BoCo the Diseasel is a magazine story.


Bill and Ben are twin tank engines with four wheels, a tiny chimney and dome and a small squat cab each. They keep busy pulling the trucks of china clay on the main line to the ships in the harbour. One day the twins shunted some trucks and went off for more, but when they came back - the trucks they had shunted were gone! All that was left was a patch of diesel oil and the twins were puzzled about it - believing it as "the diseasel". Their drivers told them that they would go and get their trucks back from the diesel.

They also told the twins that they would take away their names and numbers to make the diesel think that they were the same engine and after that - the twins set off to find the diesel. Sure enough they both found the diesel on a siding with the missing trucks and while Ben hid behind - Bill went boldly alongside the diesel and asks him if he can have his trucks back. But the diesel denies the request and tells Bill to go away. Bill pretends to be frightened and hid away behind the trucks - then Ben came forward on the other side. And as Ben ran away, Bill took his place and it continued until the diesel begged each one to stop as his eyes nearly popped out!

Soon the diesel realised that the two identical engines were in fact twins and groaned, then Edward arrived and wondered what the twins were playing at. The two engines told him that the diesel took their trucks without asking, but Edward reassures them that the diesel is a "Metropolitan Vickers Diesel-Electric, type two". Bill and Ben were abashed and the diesel introduced himself as BoCo, who also apologised for not understanding about the trucks. As the twins scampered away, Edward reassured BoCo that there was no harm in the pair - but they are maddening at times.




  • In the final illustration, BoCo appears to have two sets of eyebrows and Edward appears to be larger than BoCo.


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