“I want a special name like Salty the Dockside Diesel or Harvey the Engine Crane!”

BoCo the Brave is a rhyming magazine story.


BoCo feels unhappy because he wants a special name just like Salty the Dockside Diesel and Harvey the Crane Engine. Later, BoCo helps Mavis by pushing her down the line. Then he keeps on working even through a raging storm. Later, he manages to save some trucks from being damaged by a falling tree. The Fat Controller then gives BoCo the name "BoCo the Brave".



  • BoCo says he wants a special name like "Salty the Dockside Diesel" and "Harvey the Crane Engine", but he already has a "special name"; "BoCo the Metropolitan-Vickers Diesel-electric Type 2" or "BoCo the Diseasel".


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