Bluebell Railway Coaches
  • Class: LB&SCR Stroudley coaches
  • Designer: William Stroudley
  • Builder: Brighton Works

The Bluebell Railway owns a number of various coaches. In 1962, Stepney came on loan to Sodor bringing his controller and a rake of coaches from the Bluebell Railway.

In the television series, Stepney pulls a rake of Red Branch Line Coaches, the same set of coaches used by the North Western Railway.


The coaches are based on LB&SCR Stroudley four-wheeled coaches and bogie coaches. Several coaches of this type are preserved on the Bluebell Railway.


In the Railway Series, the coaches are painted orange-brown, some coaches are painted brown with cream windows and other coaches are also simply painted brown. In the television series, the coaches are painted dull red with grey roofs.



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* RWS only | ** T&F only