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  • ThomasandMollyfan23

    As I said in the Top 10 reviews I would never do, I said that Up, Up and Away!, Fiery Flynn, and Wonky Whistle would not be reviewed because, to be frank, everything terrible about each episode has been said, and doing a review on any of the three would be redundant in my opinion, coupled with the fact that I don't have a new angle on these episodes. However, there is one episode that I actually do have a new angle on, and that is the season eight episode Henry and the Wishing Tree.

    Yes, I'm aware of two faults the episode has - Henry has pulled coaches before and since this episode. Does it automatically destroy the episode? For me, the answer is no; unlike Edward Strikes Out, it's simply a problem that creates a minor distraction. If you changed …

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    Here's a little something I wanted to do. I have a couple of random questions I wanted to ask everyone. But don't worry; they're all Thomas related.

    Here are the questions:

    1. What is your favorite song from King of the Railway?
    2. What is your favorite song from Tale of the Brave?
    3. Which of these two railways would you introduce in the TV Series - the Culdee Fell Railway or the Arlesdale Railway?
    4. Which of these villains do you think should return to the series and why - The Diesel, The Spiteful Brakevan, S. C. Ruffey or Bulstrode?
    5. What is your opinion on the movie, Hero of the Rails?
    6. What is your opinion on Fergus and would you want him to return?
    7. What is your opinion on the Season 13 episode, Tickled Pink?

    Here are my answers to them:

    1. Working Together Ag…
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  • Mattstonge

    Now I'd like to ask everyone who their favorite voice actors/actresses on the show is, and their roles. They can be even the ones who are no longer on the show (Ben Small, etc.) For those who are curious to know who my top five are (and also my favorite parts that they are currently playing/have played) as well as why, here they are:

    • 5: Miranda Raison (Millie - US/UK) Reason: Quite fitting to me, I like the French accent that she gave Millie, and a pretty lady too.
    • 4: Keith Wickham (Sir Topham Hatt - UK), (Salty - US/UK), (Gordon - UK) Reason(s): I wasn't initially very keen to Sir Topham Hatt's UK voice, but recently the Season 18 episode *Samson sent for Scrap* gave me a huge laugh at the part where where he bemoaned that his car was take…
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  • SplatterAndDodge

    Well since a lot of you seemed to like TOTB (Which I kinda already knew but whatever :P) I decided to do a EWW/ERW on a subject I'm sure all or most of you will agree with. This episode is considered by many to be one of, if not the worst episode in the series and yea I have to agree. I'm of course talking about Up, Up and Away! (You probably saw that in the blog title anyway :P)

    1. It wouldn't even take 1 engine to transport a balloon, let alone 2. It could have been deflated and carried easily by just one person
    2. Why was the balloon inflated?
    3. How would Thomas even disappoint Percy?
    4. How did Mr.Bubbles blow up 3 giant balloons with only his breath? That would at least require a small pump.
    5. The balloon probably would have fallen off the flatbed righ…

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  • Jenkins92

    The Favourites of Percy

    January 22, 2015 by Jenkins92
    At the request of TrainsThatTalk, I have decided to make another blog post for My favourite episodes about Percy after the success of the Favourites of Thomas.

    Percy is a helpful little engine, who often helps out in the yard and loves to run all around the Island of Sodor with the Mail Train. Percy is best friends with Thomas and the two of them love to work together and have fun together, blowing their "best friends" whistles. Percy can often seem very timid if he knows he has made a mistake, but everybody knows that he will always try to do his best for the Fat Controller's railway and that's why he is a really useful engine whom we all love. Now the question is this: which of Percy' adventures have you enjoyed the most from each season …

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  • ElsbridgeStationFan1995

    Hello everyone, it's Michael here and I think it's about time I reveal my news, I have decided that effective Late January-early February I am retired from here. It wasn't easy to decide but I have other things I want to pursue, so to all my friends wikia wide, thank you for being my friend and I will come onto chat every so often (if it ever comes back). I will miss being a regular member of the wiki, but there's more important things to do. So from Michael, I bid you all farewell!

    This is Michael officially signing out. 

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  • GordonHenryandJamesfan1992

    Hello Everybody! I'm sure you all have realised that my editing on this wiki has been less and less frequent. Well that's becuase effective Feb. 1st, I will be leaving this wiki to pursue other things. I understand that this will be painful to some of my friends on this wiki, especially the ones that I have bonded with over the past few years I have been on this wiki. To those particular users, I want to say that I may come back and visit you guys in the chatroom. So without further-a-do, I want to say goodbye to everyone and I hope to come back and visit you guys! Bye! *cries* 

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  • Steamie With Glasses

    Throughout the 70 year lifespan of the Railway Series and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, we've seen many characters. But, what character or characters do we loyal fans relate ourselves too?

    This is a list of characters that I relate myself to:

    The Skarloey Railway Engines and the Arlesdale Railway Engines As a volunteer with heritage narrow-gauge railways, both the Skarloey Engines and the Small Railway Engines are always close to my heart.

    Whiff I like Whiff, because, like myself, he wears glasses.

    Salty and Porter Salty and Porter the Dockside Engines. Having being brought up on the sea, I am a fan of dockside locomotives. Salty is the salty seadog, and Porter is a kind-hearted engine, who doesn't let anything bother him - hence his motto "…

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  • SplatterAndDodge

    Time for the debut of my new review series Everything Wrong With/Everything Right With *Insert Thomas episode/special here* (Name totally not stolen from CinemaSins)

    The system is simple, I just list all the notable flaws I can think of. For every negative review I do, I must also name 5 good things about it and vice versa.

    Let's begin

    1. Plot has been done to death by this series alone
    2. Gator's reasoning for being on the island is never explained
    3. James is the antagonist, this could make sense for an episode where he's just teasing or whatever but he's really rude and unlikeable in this
    4. Reg is pointless
    5. Marion is annoying
    6. A very good portion of the movie is Percy moping around, Thomas doing random stuff and James doing what I previously mentioned
    7. 2 sec…

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  • The Steampunk Whovian

    After my first blog post was published concerning who I think are the worst characters are, it's time to lighten things up a bit, and take a look at some other characters of the show in a more positive light.

    Over the years, there have been many underused characters in both the television series and Railway Series, who I feel have the potential to truly shine as amazing characters. So today, I'll be going over the top ten characters who I believe have the most potential. This blog also concerns my own opinions, it should not influence your opinions nor should you feel obliged to agree with me. We can both agree to disagree with one-another.

    1. Hank

    -Out of all of the Season 12 characters, Hank is the only one who I don't outright dislike. He …

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  • Holden97

    As you all know, Stanley has had a speaking in the eighteenth season episode Samson at Your Service and I it's been ages that he had a speaking role since Day of the Diesels and the fifteenth season episode Surprise, Surprise.I know I am! So I want to hear your thoughts! Oh, and by the way I know that most of you know that he might get his own episode in the nineteenth season of Thomas and Friends. I hope so! So what do you think?

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  • ThomasandMollyfan23

    Now that all of Season 18 has aired and/or been released on DVD, I feel that it's high time I talked about my top 10 favorites from the season. I would have to have rated the episode at least an 8.5/10, so anything that's 8/10 or lower is exempt.

    Honorable Mentions

    • Disappearing Diesels - I really enjoy seeing Paxton in an episode; his naivety and happy-go-lucky nature clashing with Diesel's grumpiness is very amusing, and the moral is very nice - kill cruelty with kindness.
    • Toad's Adventure - Marking Oliver and Toad's first major role since season seven, it was great to see Toad interact with other engines besides Oliver, Duck and the Scottish Twins, and the climax was very suspenseful.
    • Thomas the Quarry Engine - A modern-day remix of Thomas and t…
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  • TGC Thomas

    First off from the beginning of me joining wikia, I joined on December 8th 2014 3 days after Tom became an admin. At that time the chat was lively and few problems came, then the chat became something I used every day. Soon bigger problems and arguments came around this time, at first I was annoyed about the chat disappearing. I was not there for the accident a few days ago but one of my friends filled me in. I was shocked at what happened and soon read Tom's post and I understood why it was gone. While I am still slightly annoyed not with the chat being gone, but with the people involved with the accident. Although I don't know them I am still annoyed with them. This is what I think of the chat being gone and the reason of it

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  • The Steampunk Whovian

    This blog will be a part of a series of three blog-posts that I'll be issuing over the next few weeks concerning different characters from the series, including the Railway Series and the televsion series. The first blog post (this one) will concern the worst characters, the second will concern characters with the most potential, and the last will take a look at the best characters.

    It's been seventy long years since Thomas began his journey in the Railway Series, and thirty-one years since the television series began, and over those years there have been an abundance of new characters, some being memorable and easily some of the best, and others being, well... pretty terrible. So today, I'll be concerning who I think are the top ten worst …

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  • DonaldDouglasandToby6


    January 17, 2015 by DonaldDouglasandToby6

    Well, this might get controversial. Yes, lets get this out of the way: To me, this episode is a dud. I'll explain why in the actual review. For those who are wondering why this doesn't effect my rating of Season 5 as a whole since there are two duds in my opinion, I think it's the same reason the duds in Season 17 and Season 18 don't effect my enjoyment of the season as a whole: Because the rest of the episodes really work. Now that that's out of the way, onto the actual episode.

    We start with Percy stuck in the snow and Thomas scolding him, which is entertaining. Later, Thomas gets stuck and he becomes cross. Rusty decides to tell a story to pass the time. In the story, Skarloey is working at a slate mine in the mountains. When it gets sno…

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  • Loco123456

    Hey Thomas fans, I have some thoughts on the episodes.

    I didn't like four of the episodes. I don't like how the railway is used to educate us on dinosuars. I would rather learn about the railway and see the engines doing day-to-day work with day-to=day problems a railway has.

    Please share your thoughts on the episodes if you wish.

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  • Bill and Ben the Twin Engines

    I'm here to talk about the Logging Locos of Misty Island: Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand. They were introduced in the special "Misty Island Rescue." Overall, the movie, and the island itself, were not taken well. Everything was very unrealistic. Ever since Andrew Brenner took over, the Logging Locos have not appeared. The majority of fans say that the Logging Locos belong out of the series, and that Misty Island shouldn't exist, but if you ask me, the idea of another island inhabited by three nutball engines was not a bad idea. True, it was poorly executed, and the lack of humans on the island is strange, but overall, the Logging Locos are not bad characters; they just need work.

    The biggest issue is the unrealism of the island (i.e. Shake, Shak…

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    I wanted to ask everyone about their opinion on the Steam Team's only female member, which is Emily.

    To see my opinion on her, read my Top 10 Best and Worst Characters blog.

    But here's something that I didn't mentioned in that blog; there were some people who clam that she replaced Duck. This is actually one of the reasons why I made this blog. I wanted to ask if some people still believe this silly rumor. I'm referring to it as silly because it doesn't make any sense to me. It's like saying Salty replaced BoCo as the friendly diesel of the North Western Railway or Charlie replaced Billy as the silly Manning Wardle L Class 0-6-0ST engine. If Emily really did replace Duck, she would be wearing the number 8 on the side of her cab or on her te…

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  • The Steampunk Whovian

    Originally I wanted to review Blue Mountain Mystery this week, but after seeing the trailer for the newest special being released in the next two to three months, I figured that I would review this instead, and go over my first impressions for this upcoming release.

    So it turns out that not only one, but two specials are being released for Season 19 this year: The Adventure Begins, a forty-five minute long special being released around March/April, and Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, which will be a standard hour-long special being released in September. I was already excited when I first heard of the former special, and the trailer has only made me even more excited for it. I'll be going over the pros first, and then the cons, as per …

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  • TheSodorSteamworks

    Hi guys! Having seen the last six episodes of the eighteenth series, I thought I'd post a little review. Just some short opinions (my opinions) on each episode. The first 20 episodes are listed in the production order. The last six are just a wild guess.

    The writers in this season are Andrew Brenner, Paul Larson & Laura Beaumont, Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler, and Davey Moore.

    1. Old Reliable Edward (Andrew Brenner) - Feels like an extended version of Edward and Gordon. Thomas' trick was clever, and some humorous moments. Brenner made nine minutes feel like three. 10/10.
    2. Not So Slow Coaches (Paul Larson & Laura Beaumont) - Very exciting, funny, thrilling episode. Nice to see Annie and Clarabel in the spotlight. Fun around every bend. 7.5/10.
    3. Flatbed…
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  • Theturntable1985

    Season 6-7

    January 11, 2015 by Theturntable1985

    I was planning to create a blog about Dinos and discovery episodes,but disided to let some other person do it.I will create a blog from season 6-7,What is good and wrong about them?Well lets se:

    In my option these season were good.I like season 6 better then 7 for numbers of reasons.Season 6 like season 5 was not Awdry written but used original stories let us begin.

    First it is the characters that were introduced.I think there were alot of good characters these seasons but many of them only appeared ones.Fergus for example appeared in 3 episode and one of wich he was not even the main character.The pack characters were alos a bit forgeteble.But many of these characters are character that we all know and love today.They did not do …

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  • ThomasandMollyfan23

    Since I got a few comments on my review of Don't Be Silly, Billy, I thought I could also post reviews here rather than just my blog. However, there are some reviews that I will not do, regardless if people want me to or not, mostly due to certain reasons.

    There's no rules; any aspect of the franchise is allowed. But first, a not-so-honorable mention.

    Dishonorable Mention: Animals Aboard! for DVD

    What was the point of this Target-exclusive DVD in the first place? I mean, just because Walmart released a DVD exclusive to its stores only doesn't mean Target had to. Plus, this DVD is just content taken from other DVDs - Curious Cargo, The Lion of Sodor, Thomas and the Runaway Kite, and Thomas in Charge!. Matters aren't helped by the fact it was released…

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  • SonictheHedgehog1245

    This has been a question that has long bugged me as of late, but I've been thinking about when I used to watch Thomas and Friends with Shining Time Station. Since then, I've always wondered about how Shining Time Station would have looked like with the new seasons of Thomas and Friends done in CGI if they ever considered reviving it.

    Has anyone else ever thought about this idea? I'm curious as to if there are any Thomas and Friends fans out there who miss Shining Time Station like I do. Other than that, I love the CGI seasons of Thomas and Friends a lot!

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  • Theturntable1985

    3 questions

    1.Has sharon miller actualy done something good to the show?What is the best?

    2.Has Brenner done something wrong?What is the worst?

    3.What is the worst move The show has done?Introducing a dumb character,Bad episode or something

    So what is your option and answer to these questions?Are these question stupid?What is your favorite episode of Dions and discoverys?

    Write in the comments!

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  • DonaldDouglasandToby6

    Ok, I'm not gonna hold back here, this is probably the Season 8 episode I hate the most. Henry and the Wishing Tree is probably worse, but it didn't quite get me ticked off like this episode did. Lets start...yay(!)

    We get some boring monolouge about Sodor. Okay seriously, why do these episodes have to start with this? It's boring and it feels like filler. Emily thinks she can improve Thomas' jobs by telling him what he's doing wrong. First, Emily annoys Thomas by saying he's going too fast. We've only got one major problem so far which I'll address later, but we've got a bit to go. Then Emily tells Thomas to stop talking to children, which infuriates Thomas so much that he decides never to speak to her again. The next day the Fat Controlle…

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  • ThomasandMollyfan23

    Seeing some people do reviews on Thomas episodes and specials, I decided to play my part here and post a few of my own. The first of them? The worst of season 11 in my opinion. It's not Toby's Triumph, Sir Handel in Charge, or even Skarloey Storms Through. Nope, none of them. It's Don't be Silly, Billy, which I find strange as no one ever brings this episode up... ever. Granted, it's easy to miss, but let's see how bad this episode is, shall we?

    We begin with a 30-second montage of what the engines like to do; not a good way to start an episode. Just cut to chase, will ya? Thomas comes to Brendam Docks and is to show a new engine around and teach him on how to be really useful. You know what's shocking? Thomas is actually intelligent for once, …

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  • Mattstonge

    Now here's a question for everyone: *How do you rank each Steam Team engine?*, ranking from worst to best. Like least favorite to most favorite. I'm sure we all have a ranking.

    Ranking: 8(worst), 1(best)

    Here's my ranking and reasons for them:

    8. Percy - Reason: I honestly used to like him very much, but overtime I started to lose interest in him, especially once he was dumbed down by HIT. While he was redeemed big time in the latest seasons and specials (Tale of the Brave anyone?), I still rank him the worst of the eight main characters.

    7. Henry - Reason: Two words: *Scaredy cat*! Back in the earliest seasons he was portrayed as fairly similar to Gordon and James, but was still the nicer of the trio. As the show went into its third season, h…

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  • The Magic Engine
    • The Classic Series (1-7)

    • Series 8 (minus any Coal episodes)

    • Calling All Engines

    • Series 9 (minus any Coal episodes)User blog:The Magic Engine/RIP Series 13-16: The Cannon Series of Thomas

    • Series 10 (minus Good to be Gordon)

    • Series 11 (minus any Coal episodes)

    • The Great Discovery

    • Series 12

    • Hero of the Rails (Hiro, Victor, Kevin, & Steamworks)

    • Misty Island Rescue (partly - SSRC construction only)

    • Day of the Diesels (pack of Diesels, Belle, Flynn, & Dieselworks)

    • Blue Mountain Mystery (Skarloey Engines, Luke, Merrick, Owen, Winston)

    • King of the Railway

    • Series 17 [13] (Scruff, Stafford, & Charlie are given new introductions)

    • Tale of the Brave

    • Series 18 [14]

    • The Adventure Begins

    • Series 19 [15]

    • Legend of the Lost Treasure

    Day of the Diesels & Misty Island Rescue are n…

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    (Note: This blog has been updated and might get updated more from time to time.)

    For my first blog of 2015, I want to share with everyone who I think are the best and worst characters in the Thomas series. First, I’ll go over my best characters list.

    For this list, every character is eligible; whether they were only featured in the TV series, RWS, spin-offs or movies. Also, these are MY opinions. Please don’t complain about my choices.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Gordon, James, Percy and Toby
    • Duck
    • Donald and Douglas
    • Bill and Ben
    • Diesel (My favorite villain in the series)
    • BoCo
    • Daisy
    • Mavis
    • Stepney
    • Skarloey, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Freddie, Duke, Mighty Mac and Luke
    • Rosie
    • Hiro
    • Belle and Flynn (The latter may have been a disgrace to real firefighters in…
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  • Theturntable1985

    So i decided to create a blog talking about the fact that Andrew breener has done very good latly.People seem to like this better then the calssic season,Wich suprises me beacuse before Andrew brenner took over people Complained like heck about wanting to have the Classic series back.That is what i am going to dicuss today:What is best,Railway series or Tv-series?

    First of all it is the storeis.Even Andrew Brenner himself has made bad stories(Example,Steamie Stafford.).However,he has improved in season 18 that only had one bad episode(You can guess wich episode i am taling about)The railway series lacking a lot of bad stories and  had alot of memoreble stories in every book. The new seasons have bad a few episodes,Wich the railway series is…

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  • DonaldDouglasandToby6

    Well, I did say this was a great episode in my last review, so let's get started. First off, I will address the elephant in the room: I will do a short review on the US version at the end, but the focus will be on the UK version. I'll also give a rating to seperate versions. Usually I don't do that, but the plot is completely different in the US version. Anyway, the plot for the UK version.

    Thomas usually goes to a village so he can say "Merry Christmas" to all his friends. Percy feels left out but gets his chance to go when Thomas has a change of timetables. Thomas feels upset that he can't visit his friends but Percy decides to say hello for him. This does show that the two friends do care about each other. Percy is on his way when he is …

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  • Theturntable1985

    Hello everybody!I have not created a blog in a while so i tought i would make one. In this one i will ask you 4 cuestions:

    First of all is: Who is your favorite character and why?.It can be either railway series or Tv-series character.

    Second:Who is your lest Favorite character and why?Can be either railway series or Tv-series character.

    Third: If you could pick one character that you would want to Return in Cgi,wich one should it be and why?Can also be railway series only characters INTRODUSED in Cgi.

    And lastly:What do YOU think is the worst move the show has made in The history( Introdused a horrible character,make a stupid non-christmas holiday just for the sake of politikal corectness,or bad episodes etc.)

    So what is your answer to all the…

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  • The Steampunk Whovian

    Now that Christmas and the New Year are out of the way, I figured it would be a good time to start doing some more reviews on the specials released for the television series over the years. That's right, today I'll be starting my own series of reviews that I've entitled "My Thoughts & Reviews", in which I'll be discussing my opinion on episodes, specials, etc. And today, we'll be going over a special which is either loved, hated, or people just don't care about in general: Day of the Diesels. My thoughts on this special? I don't like it, but before I go into why I don't like it, I'll be going over the pros first, and then the cons.

    First of all, we come to the new characters, and boy are there a lot of newcomers in this special. Seriously, I…

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  • DonaldDouglasandToby6

    Yeah, yeah, I haven't done maby positive reviews. In fact, this is only my second, but I promise I'll do more. Well, today's the first episode of the Christmas episodes in the series. It's a great episode to me and lets find out why it's such a gem.

    The plot starts with Thomas passing Mrs. Kyndley's cottage and whistling hello. Then he goes to the other engines who boast about their paintwork. Thomas suggests to make a party for Mrs. Kyndley after explaining the only mention of the last RWS story in "Toby the Tram Engine." I'll admit it'd be nice if they made that into an episode, but I'm glad they mentioned it at all. It does work cleverly into the story so it's only a nitpick (despite RWS purists hating this episode just because of that..…

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    (Note: This blog has been updated recently.)

    For my last blog of 2014, I want to share with everyone what I think are the best and worst episodes of Thomas and Friends. First I’ll go over the top 10 best episodes list.

    For this list, I’ll only go over episodes from the main Thomas series; meaning there will be no episodes from the Jack and the Pack spin-off series or any movies. I’ll be trying to keep a range of series featured. So it doesn’t look like Classic Series episodes are taking up most of the list (the New Series and CGI Series have some good episodes too). Finally, these are MY opinions; so please don’t complain about my choices.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Thomas gets Tricked
    • Thomas And Bertie's Great Race
    • The Duck and Diesel Trilogy
    • Donald an…
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  • Zeref Fullbuster

    What would you guys think of full CGI remakes of seasons 1 through 12?

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  • Holden97

    Stanley has a mature personality and is popular to Sir Topham Hatt's Engines. I like him for a character, so I'm kinda hoping that he'll get a bigger role in the CGI Series. We all know that he has only had a small part in Day of the Diesels and Surprise Surprise. He also has been seen making cameo's in Tale of the Brave and Season 18. So, I wanna know if you like him as a character or you think he should have his own episode or if you don't like him its fine by me. Don't be shy, just drop a comment.

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  • Sodortrainz123

    Hi Everyone!

    I haven't done a Blog in a while but here is one now.

    There are two new Trackmaster engines, The LBSC Thomas, and a new engine!

    The LBSC Thomas is Really Awsome, I honestly thought he would be Orange/Beige, But he's Green, and Thomas' Original number is 70......

    But the one thing I'm interested about is the 'New' engine. A lot of people think this engine is a Coffee Pot engine, I do to, But maybe (but I doubt it), Skiff might be a coffee pot and this new engine might be him!

    So what do you think??? Tell me what you think???


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  • DonaldDouglasandToby6

    For the record, I should've torn this apart first of the Christmas episodes. Because this is incredibly bad. Really, really bad. Is it in the top ten worst episodes? Oh, definitely. This is also the worst winter episode of the entire show. The only one that's a good candidate for the worst winter episode too is Henry's Magic Box. What makes this worse than Henry's Magic Box? Lets see.

    We get the usual boring monologue until Thomas and Percy see a snowman balloon. The snowman flies off and catches onto Thomas' bunker. Thomas thinks it's following him. He tries to outrun it multiple times, but James, Emily, and Farmer McColl keep pointing out it. They also ask what Thomas is doing with a snowman balloon, but Thomas is too far away each time t…

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  • Thomas Chuggington

    I've decided as we grow closer to 2015, I'd do a review of the year in the Thomas and Friends Franchise. 

    This year was a big one for the Thomas and Friends franchise. We got a lot of stuff changed and whatnot. Let's start this list. 

    1. Return of many characters: We saw the reintroduction of Toad, Oliver, and Duncan, as well as the first time Henrietta gained a face in the TV series. Oliver and Toad were introduced in season 3, but the latter didn't speak until season four. The two were in season 4 and 5, and Oliver cameod in season 6, while Toad was absent, but he made faceless cameos. The two appeared and spoke in season seven, but were never seen again until season 12. They then were absent until season 18, which aired this year. Duncan …

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  • ElsbridgeStationFan1995

    Hello it's ESF1995 and I have a question, Are Seasons 3-4 overrated?

    My answer is yes, because some of the adaptions are terrible and some of the originals are bad as well. A few examples that spring to mind are "Time for Trouble", "Gordon and the Famous Visitor", "Diesel Does it Again", "Henry's Forest", "The Trouble with Mud", "Tender Engines" and "Oliver Owns Up" from Season 3.

    From Season 4 there are "Rusty to the Rescue", "Thomas and Stepney", "Henry and the Elephant", ""Mind that Bike" and The Duke episodes for shoehorning the engines in.

    I have heard rumours that Wilbert Awdry personally hated the third and fourth seasons and I'm starting to understand why. Only a few of the episodes stuck accurately with the books (e.g. Peter Sam and …

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  • MagicMerliN659

    In my opinion, the new designs are unrealistic, they are lacking in detail, most notably the buffers, and they can run on Trackmaster 1.0 track, but older Trackmaster and Tomy trains can't run properly on this track. The pros are that they are stronger than Trackmaster 1.0 trains, as they have "sticky wheels" and the sets are fairly decent, but you can attach Tomy or Trackmaster 1.0 rolling stock on Trackmaster 2.0 trains, so you can attach a Tomy Annie and Clarabel onto a Trackmaster 2.0 Thomas without affecting the running process. Tomy still stays detailed in Japan, as the engines there have painted buffers and a white running board.

    So, what is your opinion on the redesigns?

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  • GordonHenryandJamesfan1992

    Whussup Folks! It's Brandon again! I have been seeing a lot of blog posts regarding reviews on characters and I have been getting a lot of questions on the meanings of my grades. So without further-a-do, lemme explain. Here are the grades for the characters that I comment on.

    A: When I give an engine an A, that means that the character was a great character and I plan to see them in the near future. Examples of these characters are Daisy, BoCo, Stepney, D261 and any other character in Seasons 1 to 4 pretty much. 

    B: When I give an engine a B, the means that they can improve and that I see potential in them. The majority of these characters can be found in Seasons 5 and 6 with some in the 7th to 12th seasons.

    C: When I give an engine a C, that…

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  • Holden97

    Dart is my favorite Diesel engine, because he makes me laugh. So I wanna hear you're thoughts about Dart.

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  • GordonHenryandJamesfan1992

    Ok! So since everyone wants opinions on engines, I might as well do one on my favorite engine, Gordon! Yep! 

    Well first of all, I really liked Gordon since I was a kid and I still do today. I wasn't only the fact that he was big and blue that really got to me, but the fact that he was also confident in himself and because of that, he was a real role model in getting myself to push forward with success. But the main thing about him was that he always pulled my favorite Sodor rolling stock, which was called the express. 

    Ok, so maybe I sound like I am overrating him, but c'mon! He was one of the best characters of all time. Awdry did a good job with his character. Though his boasting has got him into trouble and it still does today, he is some…

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  • Pyrrha Omega

    New "teams"?

    December 19, 2014 by Pyrrha Omega

    Just a some random blog post, wanna stay? You should.

    ANYWAYS, you all know of course the Steam Team, duh. Nice group of engines, aye? But how about some new teams? Like a Diesel Team, Road team, Human team, (lol). So ya, what do you think?

    You could take anyone who had appeared in the RWS and TV series if you like, I just did this cause I would like to see what people would think if they add another "team" to the show hue.


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  • BiggestThomasFan

    I've seen a few blogs asking people about others' opinions on characters in the series. So I thought I'd do one asking everyone about a character who seems to be hated a lot, but I really don't understand why. The character I'm asking about is Hank, the American Engine who appeared in the Season 12 episode, Heave Ho Thomas!. Is he really that bad?

    Here's my opinion; I think he's okay. I like his basis, his color and his accent. Plus, Sodor could use some more big engines. My only issue with him is just that he only appeared once. I mean, couldn't they have given at least one or two more roles in that season. What's more, Season 12 was the last season to use the models. So making a model of him that would only appear once in the last season …

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  • Mattstonge

    When Season 2 first aired, one of the new characters introduced was Duck the Great Western Engine. Ever since his first appearance, he became a fan favorite and was even on a list for a position on the Steam Team when Season 8 was being made, but he was cut when HIT decided for Emily (introduced in Season 7) to be a part of it (due to a need for a female).

    Duck (along with many others like Oliver, Bill, Ben, etc.) was not seen again for almost nine years (minus some minor appearances in Season 12) until Season 17 came long, where he made his official return, much to the rejoice of the fan base.

    However, despite that, many from the fandom recently started to complain that Duck had become overrated. It hasn't helped that he started using the "…

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  • DonaldDouglasandToby6

    Ah, the Logging Locos. Some like them, most hate them, and I'm with the people who hate these engines. Why? Well, to sum it up, they’re all annoying. I’ll go into this as we go along their episodes. But this isn't about that, this is about the episode, Merry Misty Island. This is bad, again.

    Any episode with these idiots is bound to fail. Anyway, the plot: Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand see everybody getting ready for Christmas. Yes, I don't care that they say "winter holiday", I'm calling it Christmas. They decide to hold their own party, but Cranky warns them that they don't know how to hold a party. The Logging Locos become stubborn morons as usual, and they decide to hold a party without anybody's help. This is used so often in the show that…

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  • Steamie With Glasses

    In Day of the Diesels, we were introduced to Belle the Railway Fire Engine - well, when I say "Railway Fire Engine"; she is a British Railways Standard 4MT 2-6-4 Tank Engine with a brass lamp; red lights at the front; a brass bell; and water cannons mounted upon her water tanks.

    Now, the BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T is amongst the most popular of Robert Riddles' Standard designs. In fact, there are 15 of these handsome tank engines preserved in Great Britain. I've got a Bachmann model of a BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T myself. It is good that Belle is based upon these beautiful tank engines. However, many fans were less than impressed with her modifications, especially the totally unnecessary water cannons.

    The water cannons can't work on a steam engine,…

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