“I didn't miss the party, after all!"
"Nor your piece of birthday cake!”
―Bertie and Stephen's mother

Birthday Bus is a magazine story.


Bertie takes Stephen to school everyday. He is his favourite passenger. One day, Stephen tells Bertie it is his birthday on Saturday and his mother invites Bertie to the party at the local village hall. Unfortunately, Bertie is having a refit that day, but he wants to send Stephen a present, so he asks his driver to buy and wrap a toy bus. On the day of the party, disaster strikes when the village hall is flooded and Stephen's house is not large enough to host a party. Stephen's mother phones Bertie's driver, who suggests that they hold the party onboard Bertie and arranges a relief bus to pick up Stephen, the party guests, and the presents. The party is soon in full swing aboard Bertie, who is delighted he did not miss the party after all.



  • Both Stephen and his mother look different in the illustration than they do in the pictures that make up the story puzzle.