“Thomas found Ozzie!"
"And my watch, too!”
―A Sodor Wildlife Park warden to the Fat Controller

Bird Watch is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller is opening the ostrich enclosure at the Sodor Wildlife Park. Afterwards, one of the wardens offers the Fat Controller a ride around the enclosure in a special buggy. The Fat Controller is alarmed to see one of the ostriches swallow a pebble, but the warden explains that it is normal as it is how they grind their food down.

Back at his office, the Fat Controller goes to check the time on his pocket watch, but it is not there. He telephones the warden at the Wildlife Park who tells him that they have lost one of their ostriches, Ozzie.

Meanwhile, Thomas has set off to take some children on a bird-spotting trip. He pulls up close to the Wildlife Park and suddenly Ozzie the ostrich emerges with something shiny in his beak. Thomas whistles to alert the Wildlife Park's wardens. The wardens lead Ozzie into a truck and Thomas takes him home. The Fat Controller arrives and sees his watch hanging from Ozzie's beak.



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