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"There's chaos on the railway!"
— Sir Topham Hatt

Bird Talk is a magazine story.


Early one morning, Thomas was ready for work, but his fireman had not arrived. The driver was worried; the fireman had never been late before. Moments later he arrived holding an empty bird cage; his parrot, Chatterbox, had escaped. Thomas promised to keep a look out for him.

Meanwhile, Gordon was waiting at the station with his express coaches. A voice from the announcer's speaker called out that Gordon was late. Gordon panicked and set off, without his coaches and passengers. On another platform, station staff and passengers were being told to hurry. Chaos was caused as passengers bumped into each other, trying frantically to board their trains.

Thomas had guessed the problem as a feather fluttered out of the office window. It was Chatterbox. He had flown into the announcer's office and was speaking into the microphone.



  • The text says "...Gordon was waiting to take the Express Coach...", but there are two carriages in the illustration.


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