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"Out you come, little chap!"
"Sorry I was so cheeky, Harvey. And you're quite right, big is beautiful!
— Harvey lifting Thomas back onto the rails

Big is Beautiful is a magazine story.


Thomas enjoys teasing Harvey about his size. Harvey is a large engine and cannot fit through some of the island's tunnels. One hot summer's day, Harvey runs out of water and has to fetch some out of a river. Thomas warns Harvey about his bad experiences with fishing in the river. Thomas chuckles so hard he forgets to slow down around a sharp corner and lands in a ditch. The Fat Controller orders Harvey to lift Thomas back onto the rails and Thomas has to admit that big can be beautiful!




  • It is said that Harvey's engine makes a "hissing" noise but Harvey is the engine.
  • In some illustrations, the yellow lining around Thomas' cab windows is missing.
  • In two illustrations, Thomas is missing his back couplings.
  • In one illustration, Harvey's side rods are separated.
  • Harvey's buffers are black instead of brown.
  • Harvey's siderods are silver when they should be red.
  • Harvey's running board is white when it should be black.


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