"Suddenly, the crane swung the boiler and knocked Edward right of the track."
— The narrator, Edward's Brass Band, seventh season



Big Mickey

Big Mickey is a large crane that works at Brendam Docks, alongside Cranky. His model was recycled from Thomas & Friends' sister show, TUGS.


When Big Mickey first arrived on Sodor, he was originally stationed at Knapford Harbour, where he used to work as seen during the third and fourth seasons. In the fourth season episode, Special Attraction, Big Mickey was fitted with a grapple bucket. Later on in the fifth season, Big Mickey was moved to Brendam Docks. In the seventh season episode, Edward's Brass Band, Big Mickey was unloading a huge boiler from a ship. Suddenly, he swung the boiler, which caused it to knock Edward onto his side.


Big Mickey is based on a 350-ton Hammerhead crane. He most strongly resembles the US Navy's "League Island Crane" built in 1919 by the McMyler-Interstate Company for the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Weighing 3,500 tons, it was the world's largest crane at the time. It was scrapped in 1996 following the yard's closure.


Big Mickey used to be painted in a light shade of grey during the third, fourth and fifth seasons. However, ever since his overhaul in the sixth season, he has been painted in a warm shade of grey.


Television Series



  • Big Mickey had many modifications throughout the television series. These include:
    • Season 3 (from TUGS):
      • He was repainted a warmer shade of grey.
      • His megaphone was removed.
    • Season 5:
      • His top railing became thinner.
      • His walkway became more detailed.
    • Season 6:
      • He had riveted steel sides.
      • His hoist end became covered.
      • His wheelhouse walkway became square.
      • He gained a new base.


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