“Percy was right. You are a horrid steamroller!”

Big Bad Roller is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One day, Percy is taking George to work when he once again starts making rude remarks about railways. Percy retorts that rollers are rubbish, which makes the steamroller angry. To get revenge, he tells the workmen to tear down the level crossing gates and tarmac over the rails, lying that the Fat Controller told him to do it. Soon afterwards, Thomas is taking some trucks to the Big Station when he hits the tarmaced section of track. He derails into a field and crashes through an old barn.

Later, Percy tells Gordon what has happened, but Gordon is convinced that George wouldn't try anything with him. George overhears this, and decides to trick him as well. He pushes two trucks into Gordon's path, and the big engine crashes into them. Seeing George laughing, Gordon tells the Fat Controller what happened, and he has George's roller removed for the rest of the week as punishment.




  • It is mentioned that Thomas was taking some trucks to the Big Station, but the fifth illustration shows him pulling Annie and Clarabel.