Thomas and Friends Volume 45 is a Hong Kong DVD/VCD release featuring five twelfth season episodes. It was released under the title, Best Friends for French and German audiences. The French release features six episodes.



Bonjour, c'est Thomas, le petit train! Rejoins-moi avec tous mes amis sur l'Île de Chicalor pour vivre des aventures extraordinaires.

Tchou! Tchou! En route pour fabuleux voyages!

English Translation

Hello, this is Thomas the train! Join me with all my friends on the Island of Sodor to live extraordinary adventures.

Chu! Chu! On the way to fabulous trips!



  1. The Man in the Hills
  2. Thomas Puts the Brakes On
  3. Percy and the Bandstand
  4. Push Me, Pull You
  5. Best Friends


  1. Gordon Takes a Shortcut
  2. The Man in the Hills
  3. Thomas Puts the Brakes On
  4. Push Me, Pull You
  5. Percy and the Bandstand
  6. Best Friends


  1. The Man in the Mountains
  2. Squealing Brakes
  3. The Surprise Concert
  4. What a Theater!
  5. Best Friends


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