This article details the family tree of the Awdry family.

The Awdry Family Tree

John Jeremiah Awdry (died 1844) married Jane Bigg-Wither and had a son named Sir John Wither Awdry (died 1878) who married a cousin, Sarah Maria Awdry (died 1839), daughter of Reverend Jeremiah Awdry, absentee Vicar of the Essex parish of Felstead. They had three children John (who died within a year of birth), John Jeremiah (died 1862 due to Malta fever), and Jane. He later married Frances Ellen Carr, the daughter of the then Bishop of Bombay, after his first wife's death. They then had twelve children: Thomas (born 1841; married a cousin, Mary Oliver Awdry), William (born 1842, died 1910), Sarah (married Reverend Luke Walford, who died within a year of their marriage), Ambrose, Frances (know in the family as Fanny), Charles, James (married the Awdry's governess, Kate Chittendon in 1876; emigrated to New Zealand), Elizabeth, Herbert, Vere (born 1854; Reverend W. Awdry's father), Mary (known in the family as Polly; married Reverend Fredric Daustini Cremer), and Priscilla (or Prilly). For a time Margaret Jane Awdry (daughter of Reverend Walter Herbert Awdry), known as Daisy, lived with her Aunt and Uncle.

Vere Awdry married Margaret Emily Mann (died 1888 during childbirth) in 1887. Their child, Hildred Margaret Vere Awdry (died 1891 due to convulsions), survived. He later married Mary Louisa Mann (died 1908), Margaret's cousin, in 1891. They had two children: Bridget Hildred Vere Awdry (born 1892, died 1900 of appendicitis), and Carol Edward Vere Awdry (born 1894, died 1914 fighting in WWI). He remarried again, this time to Lucy Lousia Bury (died 1972) in 1909. They had two children: Reverend W. Awdry (born June 15, 1911, died March 21, 1997) and George Awdry (born August 10, 1916, died October 27, 1994).

Wilbert Vere Awdry married Margaret Emily Wale (born 1912, died March 21, 1989) in 1938 and had three children: Christopher Vere (born July 2, 1940), Veronica, and Hilary (born 1946, died November 25, 2013). Christopher was married to Diana Awdry, and they have a son, Richard. Christopher and Diana are now divorced. Hilary was married to Alf Fortnam until her death, and they had three children: Rachel, Simon and Sara.


  • Dowager Lady Heathcote: Offered Vere Awdry the parish of Ampfield; married Sir William, who had been a cousin of Sir John Awdry.
  • Edith Simeon: Niece of Vere; became his housekeeper.
  • Kathrine Bury: Lucy Awdry's sister and one of Wilbert's godparents.
  • Annie King: The Vere Awdry family's "cook and maid-of-all-work".
  • John Pack: The Vere Awdry family's gardener till 1916 when he was called to fight in WWI.
  • Bessie Page: The Vere Awdry family's cook.
  • Gertrude "Gertie" Whatmore: A local Ampfield girl who came as "garden boy" and remained with the family for the rest of her life.
  • Sprack: The Vere Awdry family's dog.

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