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A map of the line

The Norramby Branch Line runs to Norramby and was part of the now-closed Sodor and Mainland Railway.

From either Crovan's Gate or Vicarstown, the line travels to the town of Ballahoo. From here, the branch travels to the terminus of Norramby.

A joint BR/NWR service from Barrow-in-Furness serves the line (hourly; half-hourly at peak times).

In the television series, the line is known as Arthur's Branch Line and was introduced in the fifth season as the Fishing Village Line. When the branch line opened, the Fat Controller first put Thomas in charge, but when Thomas had an accident, Arthur was able to ask the Fat Controller if he could run the branch line. The Fat Controller agreed and, as a result, Arthur now has his own branch line.


  • For some reason, it was said that the branch line was new in the seventh season, but this line was already introduced in the fifth season.
  • Since the fifteenth season, there is no longer ballast underneath the rails and they are built into the concrete.
  • In My Journey with Thomas the Tank Engine, the Fishing Village was said to be in Suddery. Given Sodor's nature as an island, there could be several different fishing villages.


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