Armando Réndiz (born September 22nd, 1937) is a Mexican voice actor who provides voices in the Latin American narration of Thomas & Friends.

He is best known for voicing Maurice in the "Madagascar" films, Pops in "Johnny Bravo", Megatron from "Transformers: Beast Machines", Mushin from "InuYasha", Zile Zazic from "Speed Racer: The Next Generation", Finis Everglot from "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride", Doctor Octopus from "Spider-Man: The Animated Series", Papa Smurf from "The Smurfs" films, and Colonel Victor Hoffman from the "Gears of War" game series.



  • Both he and Daisuke Gōri voiced Captain Yellow from "Dragon Ball" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Masaharu Satō voiced Guru from "Dragon Ball Z" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Helmut Krauss voiced Maurice from "The Penguins of Madagascar" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Piotr Bąk voiced Strakk from "Bionicle: The Legend Reborn" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Ambrogio Colombo voiced Dr. Octopus from "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" in their respective languages.
  • He, along with Ginzō Matsuo and Salty's Lighthouse voice actor Terry Klassen voiced Ruhm from "The Vision of Escaflowne" in their respective languages.

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