"They run on bogies as sweetly as any coach!"
―Mike, Ballast, Small Railway Engines



Ballast Hoppers


Wool Trucks

The Arlesdale Railway owns two types of trucks.

One of them are hopper trucks that run on bogies. The miniature engines take them to the old mines of the Mid Sodor Railway, fill them up and take them to the chute, where Duck and the other engines take the ballast for their railway.

Then there are also wool trucks. The miniature engines take them to the farms, and the farmers load their trucks with bales of wool. For safety, the load has to be tied to the trucks.


Ballast Hoppers are based on trucks of the same type and purpose used on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. Wool trucks are based on 7 plank open wagons, scaled down accordingly.


Ballast hoppers are painted brown with "ARLESDALE" on either side. The wool trucks are painted light coral pink.


Railway Series

Television Series




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