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Arlesdale End in CGI

Arlesdale End was originally the top station of Toby's old tramway in the television series. However, in more recent seasons, it has become part of the North Western Railway and Toby now lives here.

In the tenth season, the shed's roof was rebuilt and the old wood was recycled to build a birdhouse.

Arlesdale End appeared quite regularly between the first and twelfth seasons. It returned in full CGI in the fifteenth season episode, Toby and Bash.

According to the CGI Series map, Arlesdale End is situated on the quarry tramroad.


  • Percy once said that this was his favourite station, albeit whilst being sarcastic to Toby.
  • Deleted and behind the scenes photographs from Toby and the Stout Gentleman show a turntable in front of Toby's shed.


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