“Perhaps boots are best in the station yard too!”
―the Fat Controller

Are Boots Best? is a short magazine story.


After being busy all morning, the Fat Controller sits down in his office for a rest. The stationmaster comes in and comments that the Fat Controller's shoes are looking rather worn. The Fat Controller decides it is time to buy a new pair.

At the shoe shop, the Fat Controller meets Farmer Collett who has come to buy some new boots. Inside the shop, the owner gives both men their shoes in brown packages.

Back at the office, the Fat Controller opens up his parcel and discovers he has Farmer Collett's boots. It is time for him to inspect the yard and, since the boots are his size, the Fat Controller decides to wear the boots for now.

In the yard, Farmer Collett arrives to collect his new boots. Just at the Fat Controller finishes inspecting Daisy, he accidentally kicks over a bucket of water. Luckily, the boots keep his feet nice and dry. The Fat Controller thinks that perhaps boots are best for the station yard as well as the farmyard.


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