"It was Captain who saved the day, Sir."
"All in a day's work!""
―Thomas and Captain

All in a Day's Rescue is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


The Search and Rescue Centre is holding an Open Day, so preparations are made and the Centre is cleaned up.

Thomas is on his way to the Centre with visitors in Annie and Clarabel. On the way he is so busy chatting with his coaches he neglects to keep a good eye on the line, and halfway across a bridge they run over a broken rail. Clarabel derails, and hangs dangerously over the edge above the water. Captain hears the commotion and rushes to the bridge. He quickly calls for the passengers to jump out of Clarabel and onto his deck. One by one they all jump down onto Captain, and when they are all out he takes them to the Search and Rescue Centre.

Rocky lifts Clarabel back onto the line, and they continue their trip to the Centre. The visitors are not upset by the predicament, and they all have an enjoyable afternoon.

Later on Thomas apologises to the Fat Controller for not paying attention. The Fat Controller reveals that the rescued visitors thought it was all part of the tour and it was the best visit they ever had.


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