This article is about the Australian VHS. You may be looking for 'the promotional DVD, the Swedish DVD or the magazine story'.

All Aboard! is an Australian VHS release featuring two episodes from the third season, one episode from the second season and one episode from the fifth season.


  1. The Trouble with Mud - Gordon gets splashed with mud. He refuses to be cleaned and is ordered to pull trucks.
  2. Saved from Scrap - Trevor the Traction Engine has always worked hard but now feels old fashioned and unwanted. Edward finds a way to make Trevor feel useful again.
  3. Tender Engines - Gordon is envious of a two-tender engine and Henry finds out that one tender each is best for big engines.
  4. Busy Going Backwards - Toad the Brake Van goes a little too far when he goes forward for a change.


  • This is the only Australian VHS to have a paper jacket.


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