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The nasty old thief. He's stolen our people!”
―Alice and Mirabel, Oliver the Western Engine
Alice and Mirabel are two Great Western autocoaches pulled by Duck on his branch line. They were rescued from scrap by the Fat Controller, along with Dulcie.


Around the time of Oliver, Isabel, and Toad's arrival on Sodor, the Fat Controller was in the process of re-opening the Little Western line between Tidmouth and Arlesburgh. He assigned Oliver and Duck to the line, but the only coach was Isabel. The Fat Controller was able to rescue three more autocoaches like Isabel. Two of the coaches, Alice and Mirabel, became Duck's coaches while Dulcie joined Isabel and Oliver.


Alice and Mirabel are based off Great Western Railway Autocoaches, which were used in push-pull service on branchlines. The autocoaches were efficient because it eliminated the need for the engine to run around to the other end of the train when it needed to turn around.


Alice and Mirabel are painted in the Great Western's chocolate and cream livery for coaches.



Magazine Stories

  • Alice and Mirabel were also mentioned in a 2014 magazine file fact dedicated to Duck.

Annual Stories

In the third season episode, Bulgy, their roles as Duck's coaches were replaced with three red Express Coaches. Since the eighteenth season episode, Duck and the Slip Coaches, the Slip Coaches have become Duck's standard coaches.


  • In the television series, their roles as Duck's coaches were replaced with the Slip Coaches.

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