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"Hurry, kitty-kitty!"
— Alfie
Alfie Has Kittens

Steve Asquith


Phil Fehrle


Abi Grant


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

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Alfie Has Kittens is a Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode, released on Thomas' Trusty Friends/On Site with Thomas.


Alfie is upset when Max and Monty tease him about his size at a demolition site by calling him "Small fry, and "Half pint." Thomas tells him it does not matter as long as he is useful. Later, when Oliver is demolishing a building, Alfie hears a noise inside and goes to investigate. He finds a cat and her three kittens and rescues them. The other machines cheered, even Max and Monty, and from then on Alfie never complained about being small.



  • Mirrored stock footage from Thomas' Train and It's Only Snow is used.
  • According to storyboards by Robert Gauld-Galliers, Ned was originally going to play a larger role in helping Alfie save the cat and her kittens.


  • In the US release, Michael Brandon says "Meow! Meow!" even though meowing noises for the cats are audible in the background.
  • Oliver does not use a wrecking ball for the demolition. Instead he uses a scissor claw, which they did think of using for an alternative for when the wrecking ball did not work in Thomas' Trusty Friends.
  • Surely Thomas would have other jobs to do after taking Alfie to the demolition site.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Kätzchen für Alfie Kittens for Alfie


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