Alexei Borzunov (Алексей Борзунов), born on November 11th, 1943 - June 7th, 2013) was a Russian actor who narrated Thomas & Friends in Russian from the first to the eleventh seasons.

He is best known for performing in many various Russian films, radio and television shows. He is also known for voicing in various dubs on cartoons, animes, and video games, such as Charlie B. Barkin from "All Dogs Go to Heaven", Uncle Waldo from "The Aristocats", "Railroad Tycoon 3", and all of the male voices on "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog".

He died of a heart attack on June 7th, 2013 aged 69.

He was succeeded by Vladimir Antonik from thirteenth to sixteenth seasons and by Denis Bespalyy from the King of the Railway onwards.