Alejandro Mayén (born March 29, 1960) is a Mexican voice actor and dubbing director who provides voices in the Latin American Spanish dub of Thomas & Friends.

He is best known for being the second voice of Peter Griffin in "Family Guy" from season 4 through 14, Carl Carlson and Comic Book Guy (from season 16) from "The Simpsons" during seasons 5 through 27, Grandpa Hiram Wolfe in "Rocko's Modern Life", Drew Pickles from "Rugrats", Krumm from "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!", Sergeant Perez in "The Busy World of Richard Scarry", Papa Hare in "Peppa Pig", Ned Gerblansky in one episode of "South Park", various voices such as Mr. Horse in "Ren and Stimpy", Oscar and Archibaldo in "Elmo saves Christmas" and Ozu in "Kappa Mikey". Live action dubbing roles include Esgaroth Governor in "The Hobbit" film series, Uncle Taki in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" film series and "Lloyd the Bartender" in The Shining, Detective Doyle in the "The Mask" and Grumpy Smurf in The Smurfs 2011 movie trailer.




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