“Road, sea or rail mean you'll travel like a snail!”

Air Share! is a rhyming magazine story.


Harold is on patrol when he spots the narrow gauge engines at work. Duncan is rocking and rolling as usual, Rusty is repairing the line and Peter Sam is waiting at a crossing. With so much going on down below, the helicopter is glad he is in the sky where there is plenty of room.

As he heads towards the coast, Harold sees the ships queue up to dock. Next, Harold passes Bertie who is stuck in a traffic jam. Bertie is getting cross and starts to toot angrily. Harold grins and thinks that travelling by sea, road or rail will cause you to travel as slow as a snail. All Harold can see is clouds where he is, no busy crowds.

But Harold had laughed too soon and it is not long before he spots a hot-air balloon and has to swerve to avoid hitting a microlight. As a silent glider swoops by, Harold starts to lose confidence. Jets roar past him and Harold groans. He decides that it's best to land quickly as the sky has become crowded, too.



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