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Adventure Series was a game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. It was also released for the Sega Genesis with different gameplay. It was developed by Software Creations and published by THQ.


After the title screen, you are given the option of what difficulty you want to play. Besides how easy or hard you want to play it, the only major difference is that you get an extra story, but with no narration track.



  • The Sliding Puzzle
  • Setting the Switches
  • The Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Let's Race Bertie, Percy or James!
  • Fixing the Tracks
  • Let's Go with Thomas!
  • Thomas' Quiz

The gameplay lets you move the glove cursor to select what you want to do.



  • An 8-bit version for the NES was to be released based on the gameplay of this release. It was cancelled before it could be released (for unknown reasons), but was finished and leaked on the web.


  • Harold is in one of the interactive parts on "Thomas and Bertie", but he was not in the story.
    • Not just that, he is too short.
  • In the racing level with Percy, his wheels are red.
  • In "Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train," Thomas is taking Annie and Clarabel instead of Mail Coaches.


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