“You are the odd one out!”
―Abiar to Thomas, Thomas Dresses Up for The Black Beauty Contest in India
Abiar is a large Indian diesel engine, whom Thomas once met during his visit to India.


When Thomas visited India, he met Abiar and became friends with her.

She, Thomas, Rajinda and Coran later attended the Black Beauty Contest.

Technical Details


Abiar seems to be roughly based off an Indian Railways WDM-3A diesel locomotive.


Abiar is painted light green with a yellow stripe and her wheels are red with black rims.

For the celebration, she has a red heart like jewel on her forehead, white bird wings on her front and brightly coloured leaves and a purple Om religious symbol on her buffer beam.




  • Abiar is the first diesel in the series to not come from an English speaking country.
  • Her horn is Den's at a higher pitch.


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